VapR-free Xtra

VapR-free Xtra All Zones is a multi layer laminate film composite made of polyolefin materials, resulting in a pitched roof underlay that has high vapour permeability but is also highly water resistant.

VapR-free Xtra All Zones has been approved for use in all 5 wind speed zones due to the unique integral acrylic tape that is applied when produced.

VapR-free Xtra All Zones is suitable for both Commercial and Domestic buildings, it is the ideal roof underlay for Warm and Cold Pitched Roofs.

VapR-free Xtra All Zones membrane has recieved BBA Approval and complies with  BS5534: 2014 Code of Practice for slating and tiling for pitched roofs.

Recommendations for the use of vapour permeable membranes in pitched roofs are contained in BS5250 : 2011 ‘Code of practice for control of condensation in buildings’.

Roof Space Ventilation

Prevention of Condensation
The complete roof construction, ceiling boards, underlay, insulation and roof tiles should be considered as a total roof system with regard to condensation risk, details of which can be found in our BBA certificate.
The risk of condensation is greatest during the first heating period when the moisture levels are high.

Roof Space Ventilation
The NHBC require that for all New Build Homes, ridge or high level ventilation is installed when a vapour permeable membrane such as VapR-free Xtra All Zones is used. We recommend the membrane should stop 5 to 30 mm from the apex of the roof and a ventilated dry ridge system be used to achieve the required level of ventilation.

VapR-free Xtra All Zones must be installed with the red printed side face- up and overlapped with the minimum dimensions listed. Trimming is achieved with a sharp knife. When partially supported with a horizontal lap between battens, an extra batten should be introduced 25 mm above the bottom edge. This will restrain the lap from opening under wind uplift.

Weather Tightness
VapR-free Plus is highly water resistant and prevents the ingress of wind driven rain. It can be used as a temporary roof covering and left exposed to the elements, however this period should be kept to a minimum.

Technical Data

Water Vapour ResistanceSd (M)c.0.02
Water Vapour Transmission
Fire Rating-EN 13501-1: 2010
Exposure Times UV Degradation-3 months