JutaMaster is a 4-layer highly water Resistant vapour permeable roof Underlay. Manufactured by a glue-bonding process in which a micro porous film is bonded together with polypropylene non-woven membranes that includes a reinforced grid.

JutaMaster is suitable for both commercial and domestic buildings. It is the ideal roof underlay for Warm and Cold pitched roofs.

Manufactured without the use of CFCs Master is 100% recyclable and is very durable with high tensile and nail tear strength properties. These, coupled with excellent UV and heat stability properties ensure a life span in excess of 30 years.

JutaMaster vapour permeable underlay has received BBA and CE approval and complies with BS5534-2014 Code of practice for slating and tiling and NFRCTB6.

Recommendations for the use of vapour permeable membranes in pitched roofs are contained in BS:2002 Code of practice for control of condensation in buildings.

Technical Data

Water Vapour Transmission (sd)(M)c.0.02
Resistance to water penetration
Fire Ratingclass EEN13501-1
Exposure Times UV Degradation-3/4 months