Factory Graded Timber Batten

Roofers Choice Blue Factory Graded Batten is graded twice. A pre-grade at the sawmill and a final grading at the planing mill.

This ensures a high quality fully graded batten that meets all aspects of BS5534 : 2014 and eliminates the need for grading on site. This is now a requirement for all NHBC homes.

Product Data

Batten SizeLengths/BundleBundles/PackLengths/Pack
25 x 381056560
19 x 381070700
Lin Metres / Pack
Batten Size & Available Lengths3.
25 x 50 1440156016801800192020402160
25 x 382016218423522520268828563024
19 x 382520273029403150336035703780

Batten tolerance: Thickness – 0mm + 3mm. Width – 3mm + 3mm

Roofers Choice Blue is kiln dried to ensure that it reaches an average of below 20% moisture content and is treated to BS8417: 2003 that gives an expected life of 60 years with regard to insect attack and wood rotting fungi (when used correctly). The preservative used is Vascol Aqua Blue.