Altolead plus flashing

Alto Lead Plus is a high performance, low cost, non lead flashing suitable for use as a lead free alternative in both flat and pitched roof applications.

Alto Lead Plus has a 3 layer construction of modified plastics, an integrated expanded aluminum mesh and a backing of polyisobutylene that has an easy to remove 2 part silicone film release paper. This unique construction ensures that.

Alto Lead Plus is smooth in appearance, waterproof, durable, malleable and extremely strong. The polyisobutylene adhesive ensures a strong permanent bond to all building materials without the need for a primer unless a surface is unstable and forming a watertight joint requires no additional tape or sealant.

Alto Lead Plus due to its lightweight construction can be cut and shaped with a knife or scissors, consequently installation is rapid and safe with no health and safety issues.

Alto Lead Plus has a 15 year guarantee with a life expectancy in excess of 20 years.

Alto Lead Plus does not look like traditional lead and has no re-sale value, ensuring that theft is eliminated.


Alto Lead Plus can be installed and worked in any direction using a mallet, roller or by hand. Cutting is achieved with scissors or knife.

Before fixing Alto Lead Plus on any building material surface the 2 part silicone release film should be left in place until the final shape and position is determined.

The surface should also be clean and dry to achieve permanent adhesion. If the building material surface is unstable then a bituminous primer should be applied.

Alto Lead Plus should be dressed into the brickwork and sealed. Where top edges are exposed, a silicone sealant should also be applied to prevent ingress of rainwater behind the flashing.
Alternatively, a cover flashing turned into the joints of the brickwork can be used.

All jointing detail should have a minimum overlap of 100mm and a roller should be used to apply maximum pressure.

We recommend our Alto Flex silicone sealant as an alternative roofing and flashing sealant which has been specifically designed for use with Alto Lead Plus and other soft metals such as lead. … more info

Technical Data

Surface finishSmooth
Temp. Resistance-30°c / +80°c
Min. working temp.
+5°C / +35c
Life expectancyMinimum 20 years
Guarantee15 years
ElongationMD 30% / CD 25%
Resistance to UV DegradationYes