Altoflex sealant

Alto Flex – Lead Sealant
Alternative Roofing and Flashing Sealant that ensures a flexible waterproof joint that avoids cracking and lack of adhesion associated with the use of mortar.

Specifically designed for use with Alto Lead aluminium flashing and other soft metals such as lead.

Tough, resilient with fast skinning properties, Alto Flex is suitable for domestic and industrial roofs, conservatories, air conditioning units and ducting systems.

Technical Data

MaterialLMN Silicone
Non Flammable
Solubility in Water Insoluble
Tooling Time5-10 minutes
Skinning Time15-20 minutes
Rate of Cure2-3 mm / day
Joint Movement Capability25% by ISO methods
Minimum Joint Width 6mm
Maximum Joint Width 40mm
Application Temp5 °C to 30°C
Service Temp -50 °C to + 120°C
Storage Conditions (cool & dry)Between 1 °C & 25°C
Shelf Life 12 months (+5
°C to 25°C)
25 year life expectancy
Conforms to ISO 1600-F-25LM