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Who are Mercury Building Products

Mercury Building Products Ltd offer high performance, yet simple and cost effective solutions for the prevention of condensation, insulation and waterproofing of domestic and commercial buildings.

What we do

Our experienced and helpful team specialise in:

  • The supply of high quality and high performance materials required in pitched and flat roofs.
  • Provision of consultancy advice for: prevention of condensation, insulation and waterproofing solutions for your home or business.

Our range of products

  • VapR-free & Roofers Choice - Vapour permeable pitched roof underlays. Highly water resistant and breathable. Energy saving and extremely user friendly.
  • VapR-Free Xtra All Zones has been approved for use in all 5 wind speed zones due to the unique integral acrylic tape that is applied when produced.
    • Roofers Choice 170 is a very strong, high performance, multi-layer laminate film composite made of polyolefin materials, suitable for both Commercial and Domestic buildings. The ideal roof underlay for Warm and Cold Pitched Roofs.
    • JutaMaster four layer re-enforced, glue-bonded, extremely strong vapour permeable underlay.
    • Alto Lead - High performance aluminium flashing for use in all traditional flashing applications. A low cost alternative to traditional lead, which is light to handle and easily cut for rapid installation.
    • Alto Lead plus is a high performance low cost flashing suitable for use as an alternative to traditional lead in both flat and pitched roof applications
    • Roofers Choice Factory Graded Batten and Grade A Timber Batten - High quality graded batten.
    • Eaves Carrier - Suitable for New Build & Refurbishment
    • Underlay Support Trays - Eliminates tilting fillet.
    • Eaves Protection Strip
    • Insulated Cavity Closures
    • Window & Door Frame Formers
    VapRfree Xtra

    VapR-Free Xtra

    Do you need high performance vapour permeable roof tile underlay for warm and cold pitched roofs?
    Then you need …

    VapR-free  Xtra

    VapR-free Xtra

    vaprfree allzones

    VapR-Free All Zones

    VapR-Free All Zones is a multilayer laminate film composite approved for use in all five wind speed zones due to the unique integral acrylic tape that is applied when produced. Ideal for Warm and Cold Pitched Roofs.

    VapR-free All Zones

    Roofers Choice

    Roofers Choice is a multi layer laminate film composite pitched roof underlay that has high vapour permeability but is also highly water resistant.  Manufactured without the use of CFC’s,  100% recyclable and is very durable.

    Roofers Choice